Waratek Solves the Application Security Problems
That No One Else Can

Application Security with No Code Changes for Java and .NET


Patch. Secure. Upgrade.

Highly accurate.

Easy to install.

Simple to operate.

Waratek Application Security solutions are a fundamentally new approach to web application security, providing application monitoring and protection using a secure virtual container in server and cloud environments. Waratek delivers unique results that approaches using traditional instrumentation cannot.

fav-icoWaratek Application Security Solution

  • Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic
  • Defends Against Attacks in Full Software Stack
  • Protects Vulnerable Legacy Java Applications
  • Zero False Positives
  • Does Not Slow App Performance
  • Uses your existing runtime environment
  • No Application Code Changes or Tuning Required
  • No Additional Servers, Sensors or Other Hardware Devices Required
  • Provides Detailed Application Level Forensic Data

Runtime Application Self-Protection – RASP – is a transformational application security technology securing an application’s runtime. Waratek RASP solution detects and prevents real-time attacks with zero false positives, doesn’t slow your applications’ performance, and increases the visibility into your apps’ operations – benefits not possible with traditional approaches to today’s threats.

Protection Guaranteed

Waratek offers Protection Guarantees that back our products

  • “No Break” Guarantee – Waratek’s virtual patches will not break your applications.
  • “No False Positive” Guarantee  – Waratek will not generate false positives against the OWASP Top Ten.

All of Waratek’s guarantees come with a $10,000 per unique event credit.

Waratek Application Security Products

Waratek makes it easy for security teams to instantly patch known flaws, virtually upgrade out-of-support applications, and protect 100% of their application code – all without time consuming and expensive code changes. Using patented virtualization technology, Waratek’s application security platform is highly accurate, easy to install, simple to operate and does not slow applications.

A lightweight runtime plugin agent for Java and .NET-based applications. Using “virtual” patches, teams can instantly protect applications from known flaws - including long-term unpatched vulnerabilities - without any code changes or taking an application out of production.

  • Create custom patches from scanner outputs
  • Patch without downtime or code changes
  • Instantly apply functional equivalent patches
  • Improve compliance with patch requirements
  • Automatically deploy patches across all apps
  • Close Zero-Day exploits before they become expensive breaches
  • Reduce patching costs

Waratek Secure offers “always on” security protections that ensure 100% accuracy detecting code injection attacks. A lightweight runtime plugin agent for Java and .NET-based applications, Waratek Secure instantly protects against OWASP Top Ten, SANS Top 25, and other common attacks that exploit known software flaws.

  • No false positives
  • Ultra-low performance overhead
  • Installs in minutes; instant protection
  • No code changes required
  • No tuning; no white or black list maintenance
  • Seamless integration with Waratek Patch agent
  • Write and deploy custom rules with no restart

This virtualization-based guest / host architecture allows the application to continue to run using its original business logic, but protected by virtual patches and the most current version of the JVM without the time, risks, or costs of rewriting the application. This arrangement also serves as a compensating control for purposes of compliance, further reducing costs and the pressure to immediately rewrite older applications.

  • Full application stack protection from 0-Day Attacks and the OWASP Top Ten - without heuristics, code changes, or routine tuning – for Java-based applications. The performance impact is <3% under attack and improves app performance under normal operating conditions.
  • Waratek’s unique “always on” application protection ensures 100% accuracy when detecting code injection attacks – backed by a No False Positives financial guarantee – for Java applications.
  • Instantly and automatically patch Java applications with a code equivalent “virtual” patch without downtime, code changes or tuning. App Sec and Development Teams can also create and deploy custom patches to fix code flaws reported by scanning tools.

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