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Online Privacy and Censorship

Living Free Online: A Basic Guide to Internet Censorship and Privacy

In order to keep our global society open and dynamic, the general principles of online freedom must be upheld, and the average person kept as informed as possible. There is no acceptable justification for government or organizational censorship of the internet.

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SMLR and MIS Launch Partnership

SMLR Group and Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.
Announce a New Strategic Partnership

New Strategic Partnership brings Merchants industry leading SmartIDentity for Business Data Breach Solution to SMLR Group clients.

February 11th, 2016 SMLR Group Press Release – SMLR Group and Merchants Information Solutions,

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Data Breach Planning 101

Data Breach Planning in 10 Easy Steps: How to Think Like A Litigator

When you have a breach, it’s not just the clients whose information has been stolen you’ll have to answer to… it’s their lawyers… and the regulatory agencies… and THEIR lawyers… and the media… and the court of public opinion.

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Information Security A Concern

Add information security to your data, privacy concerns

by: Mark Pribish, Vice President and ID-theft Practice Leader at Merchants Information Solutions Inc.

Can you really trust the information that is in your desktop, laptop or smart device? I encourage you to re-think any trust you might have,

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Impact of Data Breach on Your Business

Only by understanding the real impact of a data breach on business can companies protect themselves

by James Pattinson, Vice President, EMEA, Absolute

The concept of a data breach is becoming worryingly common to anyone with even a passing interest in the news.

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Multi-Factor Authentication is a Must

Why Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication

July 23, 2015
Multi-factor Authentication helps keep your eggs out of a single basket.Multi-factor Authentication helps keep your eggs out of a single basket.

There’s a good reason why leading SMBs are using multi-factor authentication (also known as “two factor authentication”,

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Chilling Effect Impact

Surveillance, First Amendment Rights and the “Chilling Effect”

by Curt Monash of The Monash Report

In which I observe that Tim Cook and the EFF, while thankfully on the right track, haven’t gone nearly far enough.

Traditionally, the term “chilling effect” referred specifically to inhibitions on what in the US are regarded as First Amendment rights — the freedoms of speech,

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CFPB – Enforcing Compliance with a Vengeance

CFPB – High risk… Hefty Fines!

by: Dennis Dissick, Adjunct Professor, New York University Polytechnic Institute / Area Director, Eastern Region, SMLR Group, Inc.

‘Tis the season for regulation…IRS, DOJ, FTC, state AGs, and now the CFPB all make sure that regulations and audits are a year round adventure.

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Why Cyberfy Beats the Competition

Cyberfy: The Future of Smart Phone ID Authentication

by: Yona Fink, CEO Cyberfy

The field is quickly filling up with biometric ID authentication apps, but Cyberfy still holds a lead. Why?

Apple’s Touch ID and EyeVerify (both of which I know,

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The Superiority of the Associative Database

Why is an Associative Database (AtomicDB) Far Superior to a Relational Database (SQL, DB2, etc.)?

by Dennis Dissick, Adjunct Professor, New York University Polytechnic Institute

The associative database model has been enhanced to reflect the business needs of today’s real-world imperatives. The more traditional data models,

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