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Adaptive Multifaceted Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Must Adapt to Today’s AND Tomorrow’s Threats

The RSA Conference last February brought together 40,000 of the brightest minds in cybersecurity, along with their products, promises and predictions.

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Cybernance and Cybergovernance in the Enterprise

3 Ways to Cybernance Your Enterprise
What does it actually mean to manage and oversee cyber risk using a comprehensive cybergovernance framework?

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Cybergovernance Journal

In a recent customer conversation,

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2016: The Year of Cybergovernance

2016 Is The Year of Cybergovernance: How Directors Can Protect Themselves and Their Companies

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Cybernance – First in Cybergovernance

Beijing is accelerating the Chinese economy by short-circuiting the time and cost of innovation.

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Leadership & Data Breach Incident Response

Lack of leadership can hurt data breach incident response

by: Mark Pribish

“Poor communications, lack of leadership and lack of board oversight are barriers to effective incident response,” according to a new Ponemon Institute research report titled “The Importance of Senior Executive Involvement in Breach Response.”

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Data Theft and the Role of Big Data

How to discover data theft using Hadoop and Big data?

By Kaushik Pal, Techalpine

big-data-talent-searchbig-data-talent-searchData theft has been a big issue for quite some time. What adds to the problem is the long time taken to identify the theft. The longer it takes to detect data theft,

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Government Offices Cybersecurity Breached

Even Government Offices Can Be Breached

by Charles Balvin

Recently, in late March, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) possibly suffered a breach of its online payment processing system (“System”).  The System contained numerous entries of payment information, including credit card and debit card payment numbers.  Although the DMV is not a “Retailer,” like Target or Walmart stores,

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The Mobile App and Security

Six tips for avoiding mobile security problems with mobile apps

by: Evan Schuman

Companies of all sizes feel the need to have a mobile app to be taken seriously. But the rush to mobile has also exposed companies to privacy-invasion and security problems, generating customer anger and angst from an application intended to be a customer perk.

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Encryption Still Best Way to Protect Data — Despite NSA

Properly implemented encryption very hard to beat, even by experts at U.S. spy agency, security experts say

By Jaikumar Vijayan, Computerworld
September 06, 2013 06:06 PM ET

Computerworld – Though the National Security Agency spends billions of dollars to crack encryption technologies, security experts maintain that properly implemented,

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Senate Panel Passes Cybersecurity Bill

Creating Voluntary IT Cybersecurity Best Practices for Industry
By , July 31, 2013. Follow Eric @GovInfoSecurity

Bipartisanship, a rare commodity in Congress, surfaced in the Senate Commerce Committee, which approved by a voice vote cybersecurity legislation that codifies President Obama’s cybersecurity framework.

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New Study Shows Enterprises NOT Prepared For Cyberattacks / Malware

Respondents say they have seen an uptick in more sophisticated and targeted malware attacks over the past 24 months
July 24, 2013

San Jose, Calif. – July 24, 2013 – Malwarebytes, a leading provider of anti-malware technology, today highlighted results of the recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research study focused on advanced malware protection and detection.

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