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What Keeps Hospital CIOs & CISOs Up at Night

Hospital health data has been a clear target for hackers. They’re getting smarter, and education, and buy-in from the C-suite are key prevention strategies.

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Expensive Lesson: No Encryption Equals $2 Million HIPAA Settlement

Unencrypted Stolen Laptops Lead to Important and Expensive HIPAA Settlements

Two entities have paid the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) $1,975,220 collectively to resolve potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.  These major enforcement actions underscore the significant risk to the security of patient information posed by unencrypted laptop computers and other mobile devices.

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Big Penalties for “Small” Breach

Relatively Small Breaches Result in Hefty Fines
By , April 22, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

The Department of Health and Human Services has entered HIPAA settlements totaling nearly $2 million with two covered entities that reported relatively small breaches involving stolen unencrypted laptop computers.

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HHS Planning Changes to Online Patient Data

HHS CTO Bryan Sivak Unveils New Initiatives in Open Data

January 22, 2014 By

Whether the conversation is about federal health data or health data housed at the state and local levels, major changes to that information may be on the way,

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Warnings Ignored on Oregon Health Exchange

The Oregon Health Authority last January withheld payment from the company hired to monitor the project, claiming its persistent criticism was inaccurate and inflammatory.

Amid the idealistic fervor of Oregon’s effort to build a game-changing health insurance exchange,

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Obamacare Breach Notification Bill Passes House

White House: Notification Requirement Burdensome
By , January 10, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

The House of Representatives on Jan. 10 approved a bill that would require individuals to be notified by the Department of Health and Human Services within two days of discovering breaches involving personal information on federally facilitated and state-operated Obamacare health insurance exchanges.

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OIG: EHR Fraud Detection Inadequate

Report Says CMS, Contractors Need to Adopt Best Practices to Combat Fraud
By , January 9, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and many of its contractors need to adopt better practices to detect fraud committed using electronic health records,

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Data Breach Concerns? GOP Plans Security Bill

Eric Cantor Pushing for a Vote in the House to Approve Legislation for Data Breach Security for
By , January 3, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

Eric CantorEric Cantor

Eric Cantor

When members of the U.S.

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Rodriguez May Be Leaving OCR for DHS

President Intends to Nominate Him for DHS Position

By , January 2, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

Leon RodriguezLeon Rodriguez

Leon Rodriguez

Leon Rodriguez, the nation’s top HIPAA enforcer,

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Obamacare Rollout Fiasco Claims Another: CMS Official Steps Down

Second CMS Departure Since Obamacare Site Woes
By , December 31, 2013. Follow Howard @HealthInfoSec

A second top-ranking official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is departing in the wake of problems with the launch of,

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