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The First 100 Days – Trump and Cybersecurity

Cybergovernance: 3 Initiatives for the First 100 Days

by | Nov 14, 2016

A new administration’s priorities are often set within its first 100 days. What should the new administration do to help the country achieve greater levels of cyber maturity and risk mitigation?

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Secure? Says Who?

Standards define if you are secure… but they have to be applied

by | Feb 29, 2016

If you’re a board member concerned about cyber risk,

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Linux Compromised – Trojan Installs Rootkit

“XOR.DDoS” Trojan Compromising Linux Systems by Installing Rootkit

A new trojan, XOR.DDoS, compromising Linux systems forming a Botnet for distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) has been reported by the MalwareMustDie group, said a cyber-security firm’s blog post.

Avast, an antivirus software company,

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Cyberwar in Crimea?

Is there a Cyberwar Being Waged in Crimea?

by Darren Hayes

Many are wondering whether the current standoff in Crimea could lead to war between the Ukraine and Russia. The fact is that a cyberwar has already begun.

What is happening in the cyber world is far more serious and damaging than the powder keg over the potential annexation of Crimea.

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Online Scans: Precursor to Cyberattack?

Researcher Says Spike in Port Zero Traffic First Sign of Cyberattack
By , November 5, 2013. Follow Tracy @FraudBlogger

A significant uptick in traffic this week linked to an Internet port known as “port zero” is likely among the first signs of a massive and targeted cyberattack against remote servers and networks throughout the world,

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UDP Attacks Increase as DDoS Tactics Shift

Attackers launching DDoS attacks are increasingly turning to the UDP, or user datagram protocol, according to security researchers.

By Brian Prince on October 28, 2013 for SecurityWeek

In their report on DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks for the third quarter of 2013, Prolexic Technologies noted that UDP attacks totaled 29.32 percent of all attacks – a 10 percent increase compared to the previous quarter.

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Times, Twitter DNS Attacks Raise New Alarms

Could DNS Attacks Hide More Nefarious Threats?
By , August 28, 2013. Follow Eric @GovInfoSecurity

As victims of cyber-attacks on their domain name systems providers (DNS attack) on Aug. 27, The New York Times, Twitter and the Huffington Post UK may have opened themselves and their customers to more nefarious attacks,

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