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Online Privacy and Censorship

Living Free Online: A Basic Guide to Internet Censorship and Privacy

In order to keep our global society open and dynamic, the general principles of online freedom must be upheld, and the average person kept as informed as possible. There is no acceptable justification for government or organizational censorship of the internet.

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Encryption Isn’t Going Away

Encryption App Gains Popularity Amid Apple Privacy Battle

By Steve Rosenbush for WSJ

The battle between Apple Inc. and the FBI over an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists could be meaningful to that particular investigation. Perhaps, if the FBI wins, and Apple unencrypts the phone,

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Protecting your Business Against Insider Threats

Insider Threat: Protecting Your Business and Your Data

Businesses today thrive on connectivity. However, easily/remotely accessible networks come with numerous well-documented security risks, particularly from malicious cyber attacks.

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FTC Data Standards of Care

Data Security Standards in a Post-Wyndham v. FTC World

by: Hudson Harris, CIPM

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) can now sue a company for failing to adequately protect client data. Let that sink in for a moment. In short, the recent court ruling confirmed the FTC’s authority to create,

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Chilling Effect Impact

Surveillance, First Amendment Rights and the “Chilling Effect”

by Curt Monash of The Monash Report

In which I observe that Tim Cook and the EFF, while thankfully on the right track, haven’t gone nearly far enough.

Traditionally, the term “chilling effect” referred specifically to inhibitions on what in the US are regarded as First Amendment rights — the freedoms of speech,

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Data Breach: Punishing the Victims

Data Breach: Will Businesses Heed the Warnings?

by Gary Markman, SMLR Group, Inc.

While on vacation with her parents, a ten year old girl, standing at the shore of the Indian Ocean, noticed the water bubbling. While the adults around her marveled at how far out the tide had gone,

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Workplace Monitoring: Privacy Threat or Productivity Booster?

Restaurant Stakeout: A Sign of the Times for Workplace Monitoring?

The last couple of times I passed by the TV to see what the kids were watching, I was surprised not to see Spongebob Squarepants or the Yankee game (Michael and Grace have their separate interests,

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FTC Cybersecurity Compliance Standards a Mystery

What Are The FTC Standards For Data Security Compliance?

The foundation of law is based upon rules and regulations. The basic principle is that the government passes legislation for our protection. As long as we comply with the rules, we should be safe, right? The question becomes what if these rules are unclear and/or impossible to follow.

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Judge Rules FTC Must Reveal Security Standards


LabMD Legal Battle With FTC Takes Another Twist
By , May 6, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

In the latest twist in LabMD’s ongoing legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission, an FTC administrative judge recently ruled the commission must testify about the data security standards it used to pursue enforcement action against the company after two alleged data security incidents (see LabMD vs.

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Surveillance Environment Impacts the Way Companies do Business

“Snowden Effect” Causes Companies to Alter their Email Services

by Michael Hickins, Wall Street Journal

Business and consumer wariness of surveillance has pushed two of the world’s largest companies to make significant changes to their email services. Microsoft Corp. has decided to change its policies for accessing customer email after the company faced scrutiny for searching a user’s Hotmail email account to investigate a leak of company software,

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