Crisis Communications

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.14.35 AMCrisis Communications Are a Key to Survival

Managing your reputation is an ongoing challenge in this world of transparency.  Internal and external threats can cause reputational damage that can negatively impact your brand’s assets.  A proactive approach is advisable, time and losses with be minimized with a sound plan in place that anticipates potential threats.
Our team specializes in controlling the conversation online and off.  The crowd will manipulate, distort and often malign the truth. Take charge of the conversation or the crowd will. Our robust tracking and social media tactics can get your crisis under control. Time is the only variable that can be used advantageously during a crisis. Planning, practice and having a team in place affords fast turnaround time to proactively protect your organization’s reputation.

We can help you develop a detailed response strategy with contingencies plans based on probable threats large or small. We are there when it happens, we formulate any necessary strategic plan updates for the crisis at hand. We are your media relations agency that coordinates and articulates your response to all stakeholders. It’s an integrated approach – press conferences, face-to-face negotiations, web postings, text messages, emails, letters, phone calls, social media, video releases and traditional media. And then we’ll monitor reactions with our robust tracking software to measure and assess our responses.

SMLR Group Crisis Communication Team is on call 24/7.  We are proactive from the start, we research your threats, develop a comprehensive crisis plan, assess the potential risk and help you mediate the crisis as it happens.  We do not react to a crisis we respond.

Crisis Communications Plans can be developed to anticipate:

  • Product recalls
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Threats
  • Criminal and Sexual Misconduct (on and off site)
  • Financial and Corporate Fraud
  • Internet Attacks and Breaches of Security
  • Data Breach (External or Internal)

Do not wait for someone to compromise your organization’s assets.  Smart sound steps must be taken now to prepare for probable threats:

  • Develop a crisis communications plan that includes the use of a temporary safe website, social media campaigns in place coordinated with the public relations efforts to respond quickly and speak with one voice.
  • Test the plan, then critique and improve as necessary.  New threats will be identified, sound planning ensures minimized the potential damage that can occur.


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