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Data Breach is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, and small businesses are extremely susceptible to these incidents. What’s more, two out of every three small or medium-sized businesses who experience an attack will go out of business within six months. Fortunately, with Merchants Information Solutions, SmartID for Business, companies of any size now have a way to proactively fight this increasing epidemic.

As Arizona’s original ID Theft solution provider, we have provided small businesses and business owners with peace of mind for over 100 years.

Safeguard Your Business With Our Comprehensive 
Breach Response Solutions


SmartIDentity for Business with Breach Response Notification

Did you know that hackers are the third biggest threat to small and medium-sized businesses today? SmartIDentity for Business helps you prepare for, and recover from an identity breach so you can focus on what matters most: keeping your doors open.

SmartIDentity for Business is a comprehensive breach preparation, planning and response solution that helps mitigate risk before a breach happens, and recover once it does.


Pre-Breach Services
and Planning Tools

Your plan will include:

  • Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Template breach policy and response plan
  • Quarterly online training opportunities
  • Cyber Threat Alerts
  • Cyber security specific newsletter content

Additional Pre-Breach Service Options

  • Live pre-breach security consulting and services
  • Live pre-breach training options

Optional Owner and Officer Personal ID Theft Protection


Post-Breach Response

We provide:

  • Coverage for 2 incidents per year
  • State and Federal Compliance Assessment
  • Creation of response plan and timeline
  • Recommended Notification letters
  • Recommended Victim services
  • Recommended public communications and FAQ's
  • Additional response services, per negotiation

Also includes:

  • Breach Victim Recovery for up to 5,000 victims per incident
  • Business Internet Credential Monitoring

SmartIDentity™ for Business Owners and Officers, with Fully-Managed Recovery

As a small business owner or officer, it is highly likely you will experience some form ofconferring an identity breach. We can help you assess your risk level and create a recovery plan should your personal identity become compromised.

SmartIDentity for Business Owners and Officers provides Fully-Managed Recovery, which covers every aspect of your personal identity theft event so you can remain focused on your business. You will be assigned a personal Recovery Advocate, and your Recovery Advocate will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan. Then, working on your behalf, your Recovery Advocate will file paperwork, make phone calls, perform research, contact credit lenders, collection agencies and government agencies until your identity has been restored. You will have complete online access to up-to-date case notes and any documents relating to recovering your identity via the Identity Care Center, and your case will remain open until you and your Recovery Advocate agree that your identity has been restored to pre-event status.



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