The first line of defense from an insider cyber attack is your employees themselves.

Phishing Simulation - Workforce Security Awareness Training - Compliance & Reporting

The Complete Workforce Awareness Platform

Security breaches, including ransomware and other malware attacks, are now an every day reality. Employees can be the weakest link or strongest asset in protecting your organization from these emerging threats. Therefore, it is vital to implement a comprehensive security awareness and education program to keep security top of mind.

Our Innovation Will Keep You a Step Ahead

iPhish is a cloud based full suite of turn-key workforce security awareness services. Our fully managed, easy to use program combines training and reinforcement with simulated phishing assessments. The goal is to measure and improve employee security behavior. Our security awareness program services provide proven results without additional IT or HR resources.

Fast, Flexible, Affordable and Easy to Use!

We offer ready-to-launch interactive training courses and a phishing simulator, designed to enhance your organization's security awareness program. Cost effective, per-user pricing to fit every budget, iPhish provides you with the tools you need to successfully and effortlessly manage security awareness campaigns with maximum impact for the end-user.

Compliance & Certification

iPhish offers a certified audit trail process that verifies employee participation and completion of numerous phishing scams that are complaint with and exceed the requirements for HIPAA, FINRA and NY State DFS 23 NYCRR 500

The Facts

98% of malware and ransomware is spread through phishing - 99% of the time this could of been prevented!

Employee cybersecurity training is no longer a 'nice to have', it's now mandatory.

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Department of Homeland Security - Cybersecurity Guidence

The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign is a national public awareness effort to guide the nation to a higher level of Internet safety by challenging the American public to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits. The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign’s overarching goal is to help Americans understand not only the risks that come with using the Internet, but also the importance of practicing safe online behavior.

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The Human Factor in Security

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"The Human Factor in Security"

 About this ebook: The Human Factor in Security: How Employees Are Making Businesses Vulnerable from Within. You'll learn not only how prevalent this problem is but what you can do to protect your company from within.

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