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SMLR Coffee Hour - The Real State of Cybersecurity Today: Ransomware Special Webinar

The State of Cybersecurity TODAY

Are you tired? I am. Tired of every company calling or emailing me that their solution for cybersecurity is THE ANSWER.

If they had THE ANSWER, how come so many companies are being hacked or fined... or both? Something's just not right.

We've decided to invite people like yourself to participate in a down to earth conversation on cybersecurity. A rubber meets the road type of discussion, over a cup of coffee... so to speak.

We will bring the hard boiled truth and the webinar... you provide the coffee.

No products. No sales pitch. No catch. Just us, a couple of industry experts, and you and your questions.

Ask those questions, and get real, down to earth answers... not a sales pitch with lots of techno-babble.


Here are a couple of the recent topics:


As with most forms of malware, there doesn't seem to be any fool-proof defence although the Windows PC is clearly a major vulnerability - other platforms are far less likely to be attacked for a variety of reasons. All the same, security vendors have belatedly engineered their technology to cope with ransomware using a number of techniques.

The simplest method is to improve detection and blocking at client level, in the manner of an endpoint security product. Many now claim to do this. The second approach is to build detection directly into network infrastructure, for example advanced firewalls. The third method is to build some kind of correlation engine into a specialised appliance that feeds into a reporting console or SIEM. Most organisations will consider all three at the same time.

Insider Threat

Data breaches don’t always come from faceless varmints on the other side of the world—sometimes they come from within an organization. Enterprises have to change the way they think about bringing insider threats under control, for two key reasons:

  • First, the ways people work are changing. Employees tend to stay in one job for shorter periods of  time, which may mean lower levels of loyalty and commitment. Enterprises are also using more virtual, contract and temporary employees, who may nonetheless have physical and systems access.
  • Second, the tools available for identifying potential insider threats are changing—and getting smarter. In the past, enterprises settled for looking at one set of data—for instance, access logs—whereas today, by incorporating other data sources, their options for better insights  are expanding.

To address this evolving insider threat landscape, enterprises should think about their own potential for insider threats and who might be the most likely suspects, the potential cost and how it can be  mitigated and how they can reduce their risks.


So join us in the near future for another edition of "The SMLR Group, Coffee Hour". Who know... you might even find the answer to the question(s) that have been keeping you up at night!

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