Waratek Combats Zero-Day Exploits with Virtual Patching

Defeat Zero-Day Exploits BEFORE they Become a Breach

Each Zero-day combating security patch issued by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Apache or any software developer starts a relay race. One team is the malicious hackers who exploit new flaws to steal valuable data or take control of an important process.
The other runners are application security and development teams who need weeks, months, or years – if ever – to fully patch known software flaws across an enterprise. Losing the race is not an option.

Waratek Patch is a lightweight runtime plugin agent for Java and .NET-based applications. Using “virtual” patches, teams can instantly protect applications from known flaws – including long-term unpatched vulnerabilities – without any code changes or taking an application out of production.

Virtual patches function just like a physical binary, but dramatically reduce the time to patch and the risk of being breached while waiting to apply a critical update. A virtual patch can be applied within hours of the release of a routine or emergency patch without the risk of breaking an application.

Benefits of Waratek Patch
  • Create custom patches from scanner outputs
  • Patch without downtime or code changes
  • Instantly apply functional equivalent patches
  • Improve compliance with patch requirements
  • Automatically deploy patches across all apps
  • Close Zero-Day exploits before they become expensive breaches
  • Reduce patching costs

Self Service or Subscription

Using Waratek’s patch engine, teams can easily create and apply custom patches based on software scanning tool outputs. Or, Waratek can create the rules on an à la carte or subscription basis – closing the gap between finding and fixing code flaws.
Subscriptions for routine and emergency Java and .NET critical patch updates are also available. To help improve compliance (and reduce costs) with company, industry, and government regulations, Waratek offers a library of Java patches dating back to Java 4 that can be applied in minutes1.

Simple Solutions for Complex Issues

Waratek’s Runtime Application Security platform offers additional solutions that provide benefits traditional application security tools cannot:

Waratek Secure

100% app stack protection against the OWASP Top Ten, SANS Top 25 and other known attacks with no code changes; ultra-low performance impact.

Waratek Enterprise

Upgrade to the ultimate in comprehensive application security. All of the features and benefits of Waratek Patch and Secure with the added power of virtualization: Upgrade out-of-support Java applications to the latest version of Java; protect 100% of the software stack for Java and .NET solutions.

Waratek is a pioneer in the next generation of application security solutions. Using patented virtualization technology, Waratek makes it easy for security teams to instantly patch known flaws, virtually upgrade out-of-support applications, and protect 100% of their application code – all without time consuming and expensive code changes.

Waratek is one of CSO Online’s Best Security Software solutions of 2017, a winner of the RSA Innovation Sandbox Award, and more than a dozen other awards and recognitions.

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