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Half of Companies Know They’re Breached

47 Percent of Companies Were Breached in the Past Two Years

And 65 percent believe threat intelligence could have prevented or minimized the impact of those breaches, according to a recent survey.

By Jeff Goldman for eSecurity Planet

According to a recent survey of 692 IT and IT security professionals,

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Inside vs Outside Malware

Telling the difference between insider versus non-insider malware

One of the most common and oldest threats is an attack by a trusted insider. These individuals might already have the access needed to be malicious, or, alternately, a local privilege escalation attack could give them easy access to sensitive data.

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SecondLook and the Myth of Linux Security

Linux security mythsLinux security mythsWe are well into the 21st century, but it is astonishing how people can still believe that Linux-based operating systems are completely secure. 

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How Secure Are Your Email Channels?

Do Your Email Channels Put Your Cybersecurity and Compliance at Risk?

by Suhail Nanji, Area Director, Southeast Region  SMLR Group, Inc.

One of the best-kept secrets about email security is that most organizations don’t know all of the “users” using their email domain.

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Linux Compromised – Trojan Installs Rootkit

“XOR.DDoS” Trojan Compromising Linux Systems by Installing Rootkit

A new trojan, XOR.DDoS, compromising Linux systems forming a Botnet for distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) has been reported by the MalwareMustDie group, said a cyber-security firm’s blog post.

Avast, an antivirus software company,

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Sony Cyberattack: The Importance of Defense in Depth

Sony Cyberattack Reflects Risk of ‘Single Points of Failure’

by Steve Rosenbush, WSJ

The cyberattack at Sony Pictures Entertainment “represents a kind of seismic shift” in the techniques and motivations attackers use, Greg Bell, the U.S. leader for cyber services and information protection at KPMG, tells CIO Journal’s Rachael King and Steven Norton.

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Chinese CyberEspionage A Growing Threat

Chinese CyberEspionage on the Rise in US, Experts Warn

by: Jennifer Schlesinger,  CNBC

The Chinese are working feverishly to counteract their slowest GDP growth in recent years, and one of the ways they’re doing so, say U.S. officials, is through the theft of American corporate secrets.

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Malware Infects Apple iOS Devices

Malware Threat: Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices Targeted by Trojanized Mac Apps
By Mathew J. Schwartz, November 6, 2014. Follow Mathew J. @euroinfosec

Apple iOS and Mac OS X devices are susceptible to a previously unseen malware family that spreads via a third-party Chinese app store,

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P.F. Chang’s Breach: Predates Target?

Alerts to Issuers Suggest September 2013 Breach
By , June 19, 2014. Follow Tracy @FraudBlogger

Fortune Cookie message 2Fortune Cookie message 2

A handful of U.S. card issuers on June 18 confirmed Visa had issued alerts that suggested fallout from the P.F.

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Stop Thinking Like a Defender

System Hardening: Defend Like An Attacker

Originally Posted by: Tripwire Inc


By: Irfahn Khimji

In Information Security, there are attackers and defenders. Attackers usually stay attackers and defenders usually stay defenders; defenders tend to think like defenders and attackers tend to think like both attackers and defenders.

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