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IoT and Your Security

How IoT is Jeopardizing Your Business Security

With the rising wave of IoT devices, businesses everywhere are faced yet with another challenge: to ensure an adequate security level while also continuously integrating new technologies.

By Jean Nicolas Piotrowski, ITrust.

With the rising wave of Internet of Things (IoT) devices,

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2016 Cybersecurity Predictions: Wearables, Automobiles, & ID-theft

Consumers, business benefit from huge growth in tech and apps – so do ID-theft criminals

To help you protect and mitigate the potential negative impact of the “internet of things,” which brings more users,

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Mobile Security and YOU

Mobile Devices and Your Security – Beyond Simple BYOD

By Michael O’Shaughnessy

Here is a question I bet you have never asked yourself; is your smartphone secure? I don’t mean a password, although that is important, I mean using an actual anti–virus/malware app. If you have some type of scanning app loaded on your phone congratulations,

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Lost Devices Can Lead to Breaches

Lost electronic devices can lead to data breaches

by Mark Pribish for Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.
lost_deviceslost_devicesNearly half of all data breaches occur when ID-theft criminals access information because someone lost a device.
In fact, 41 percent of all data breach events from 2005 through 2015 were caused by lost devices such as laptops,

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Why Cyberfy Beats the Competition

Cyberfy: The Future of Smart Phone ID Authentication

by: Yona Fink, CEO Cyberfy

The field is quickly filling up with biometric ID authentication apps, but Cyberfy still holds a lead. Why?

Apple’s Touch ID and EyeVerify (both of which I know,

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BYOD and Mobile Apps

The security threat of BYOD and unvetted mobile apps

by Suhail Nanji, Area Director, Southeast Region, SMLR Group

It’s likely happening in your organization, whether you have an official policy or not. Employees are probably running software applications on their own mobile devices or employer-issued devices to access company information.

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Mobile Cyberattacks Escalating

Mobile Cyberattacks A Concern for Companies as they Switch to Mobile-first Computing

Steve Rosenbush for WSJ

Cyberattacks on mobile devices are accelerating, just as some companies are beginning to adopt a mobile-first approach to computing. That’s not surprising, but it’s up to CIOs and CISOs to address the security problems without derailing an important evolution of the business.

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Self-inflicted Privacy Fail

“Self Inflicted” Privacy Fail: Coming Soon to a Cyber Device Near You!

By David Abbou

The infamous “Celebgate” privacy flap of a few weeks ago is still all over the mainstream press, mainly as fodder for the likes of TMZ and Entertainment Tonight to gossip about how the likes of Jennifer Lawrence,

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Malware Infects Apple iOS Devices

Malware Threat: Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices Targeted by Trojanized Mac Apps
By Mathew J. Schwartz, November 6, 2014. Follow Mathew J. @euroinfosec

Apple iOS and Mac OS X devices are susceptible to a previously unseen malware family that spreads via a third-party Chinese app store,

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