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Cyberlitica – 8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data

Hackers are craftier than ever, pilfering PII piecemeal so bad actors can combine data to set up schemes to defraud medical practices, steal military secrets and hijack R&D product information.
Create a Repository of the Stolen Data

Hackers start by taking an inventory of what was stolen. They will look through the stolen data files for the victim’s authentication credentials,

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The Myth of the SMB Being “Too Small to Bother With”

SMBs are NEVER ‘Too Small’ to be at Risk of Cyber Attacks

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Hacking and the Small Business

Can Your Small Business Afford to Be Hacked?

By Published August 24, 2016 Small Busines

Most large companies are able to financially survive a cyberattack. But for a small business with fewer employees and less revenue,

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Cybergovernance and Government

Is the Government Using Its Own Cybergovernance Standards? Or, Do as I say, not as I do?

/ Cybergovernance Strategist and Editor, Cybergovernance Journal

The recent announcement of another IRS cyber breach raises this question: are agencies embracing and applying government cybersecurity standards?

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Ransomware and TeamViewer – No Link?

The Spread of Ransomware Not the Result of  TeamViewer Breach?

Axel Schmidt, Public Relations Manager at TeamViewer, has contacted The SMLR Group to clarify several reports linking the spread of ransomware to a TeamViewer account:

In the last couple of days, some reports surfaced which linked some ransomware infections with TeamViewer. 

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Cybercrime Impacts Retail Security

Retail Security: Cyber Tech Fuels Cybercrime

By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor, Innovative Retail Technologies

March 2016 Innovative Retail Technologies

In a post-EMV world, retail security experts are bracing for malice, menace, and misfortune to go digital.

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Vendor Compliance and Third Party Risk

5 Best Practices for Reducing Vendor & Third-Party Security Risks

Vendors and other third-party partners have caused some big data breaches. Here is how to keep it from happening to you.

By Jeff Goldman  | Posted February 08, 2016

With security breaches now a regular fixture in the news,

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The Correct Intelligence is Vital

Threat Intelligence, Meet Defense Intelligence

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Cybergovernance Journal

The relationship between cybersecurity and cyber risk is subtle and nuanced. Cybersecurity is the label placed on activities whose focus is protecting information assets and network operations from compromise.

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2016: The Year of Cybergovernance

2016 Is The Year of Cybergovernance: How Directors Can Protect Themselves and Their Companies

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Cybernance – First in Cybergovernance

Beijing is accelerating the Chinese economy by short-circuiting the time and cost of innovation.

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Redefining the Cybersecurity Attack Surface – Part 3

Redefining the Cybersecurity Attack Surface Part 3: Managing Complexity

by | Jan 18, 2016

This is the last part of a 3-piece series on the concept of “attack surface”. Part 1 argued that an organization’s exposure to cyber risk – traditionally calculated as a tally of the technologies that house and traffic data – also includes the people who touch all those technologies.

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