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Cyberlitica – 8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data

Hackers are craftier than ever, pilfering PII piecemeal so bad actors can combine data to set up schemes to defraud medical practices, steal military secrets and hijack R&D product information.
Create a Repository of the Stolen Data

Hackers start by taking an inventory of what was stolen. They will look through the stolen data files for the victim’s authentication credentials,

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Cybercrime Impacts Retail Security

Retail Security: Cyber Tech Fuels Cybercrime

By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor, Innovative Retail Technologies

March 2016 Innovative Retail Technologies

In a post-EMV world, retail security experts are bracing for malice, menace, and misfortune to go digital.

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Strong Document Policies Combat Data Theft

In Era of Data Breaches, Businesses Need Strong Document Policies
Mark Pribish, Special to The Republic 6:52 p.m. MST January 28, 2016

As a consumer, I think about how my information may still reside with a tax preparer or doctor that I have not done business with in 10 years,

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Cybersecurity Attack Surface – Part 1

Redefining The Cybersecurity Attack Surface, Part 1

by | Jan 4, 2016 | CYBERGOVERNANCE Journal

When discussing an organization’s security posture, “attack surface” is the common term used to describe the aggregate vulnerabilities that the firm exhibits.

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ID Theft Protection

ID Theft Protection Services Create False Sense of Security

Mark Pribish, Special for The Republic | 12:51 p.m. MST November 13, 2015
Millions of consumers are spending more than $3 billion a year on monitoring services to protect from ID theft.

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Lost Devices Can Lead to Breaches

Lost electronic devices can lead to data breaches

by Mark Pribish for Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.
lost_deviceslost_devicesNearly half of all data breaches occur when ID-theft criminals access information because someone lost a device.
In fact, 41 percent of all data breach events from 2005 through 2015 were caused by lost devices such as laptops,

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Data and (Deep) Machine Learning

Trend to Watch Closely: Data and (Deep) Machine Learning

May 28, 2015 by: Rajat Taneja Executive Vice President, Technology at Visa

Over the course of my career I have been very fortunate to have been part of three secular trends that changed the way we work and interact.

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Cyberattack and the Attorney-client Privilege

Cyberattack upends attorney-client privilege

by Susan Hansen

“Dear Clients,” began the letter that law firm Ziprick & Cramer sent out in late February. “It is almost a daily occurrence that we read about cyberattacks in the news. Unfortunately, on or around January 25,

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Seminar: The State of Cybersecurity Today 2015

Register TODAY to Attend – Earn 2.5 NYS CLE Credits

Join us at 9am on Monday, January 26th for a free Informational Seminar & Webinar on the State of Cybersecurity TODAY: 2015.

The seminar will be held in the Jackson Lewis offices at 666 Third Avenue,

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Malware Infects Apple iOS Devices

Malware Threat: Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices Targeted by Trojanized Mac Apps
By Mathew J. Schwartz, November 6, 2014. Follow Mathew J. @euroinfosec

Apple iOS and Mac OS X devices are susceptible to a previously unseen malware family that spreads via a third-party Chinese app store,

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