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Cyber Risk and D&O

How Will Cyber Risk Evolve D&O?

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Cybernance – Cybergovernance Journal “How Will Cyber Risk Evolve D&O”

“Prudent board candidates have long demanded that directors’ and officers’ insurance be in place before accepting a board seat,

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Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity – An Uncommon Model

Who’ll Be the Gap Closer in Cyber Insurance?

by | Jun 27, 2016  |  The CYBERGOVERNANCE Journal

A common model and vocabulary can close the chasm between the cybersecurity and cyber insurance communities,

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Cyber Insurance and Risk

Underwriting Cyber Insurance: The 3 P’s of Cyber Risk

by | Jun 6, 2016

The Challenge

The interest in cyber insurance is growing rapidly as the impact and frequency of highly publicized cyber breaches increases.

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SMLR and MIS Launch Partnership

SMLR Group and Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.
Announce a New Strategic Partnership

New Strategic Partnership brings Merchants industry leading SmartIDentity for Business Data Breach Solution to SMLR Group clients.

February 11th, 2016 SMLR Group Press Release – SMLR Group and Merchants Information Solutions,

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Cybernance – First in Cybergovernance

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Compliance vs. Cybersecurity

Compliance vs. Cybersecurity: Insurers Face Competing Priorities

from: Help Net Security, 10/13

Over the next 12 months insurers will face competing priorities for resources and time, with cybersecurity preparedness challenging overall regulatory compliance readiness, according to Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

Sixty percent of insurance professionals surveyed said cybersecurity will receive escalated priority at their organization,

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Elements of Compliance: “Cyber” Insurance

There’s a tempest amidst the recent spring shower of “cyber” insurance cases. It isn’t the Recall Total case reported the week before last,

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Small Businesses Face Big Data Breach Risks

Size is Not A Defense When it Comes to Data Breaches

by Mark Pribish, VP Merchants Information Solutions, an SMLR Strategic Partner

Is your business prepared for the cost, liability and potential business interruption of a data breach? Your business being hit by ID-theft criminals is a frightening thought,

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Insurer Sued Over Data Breach

Expert Predicts Healthcare Breach Suits Will Be Common in 2014
By , February 1, 2014. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

A class action lawsuit has been filed against insurer Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey in the wake of data breach late last year involving the theft of two unencrypted laptop computers that affected nearly 840,000 of its members.

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Data Breaches Fuel Cyberinsurance Sales

Attacks and data breaches spur surge in cyberinsurance sales

By Tracy Alloway in New York and Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco for Financial Times

Sales of “cyber insurance” policies have surged almost a third at AIG, the biggest standalone insurer in the US, as companies seek to protect themselves from a growing onslaught of cyber attacks and data breaches.

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